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At Focuz Staffing, we specialize in uniting top-tier pharmacies with exceptional pharmacists dedicated to advancing patient care and clinical services across Canada. With a rich history spanning over eight years, our mission transcends traditional staffing; we strive to enhance the healthcare landscape by ensuring that each pharmacist we place is not only highly qualified but also passionately committed to making a difference in patients' lives. Through a rigorous selection process and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry's needs, Focuz Staffing is your partner in cultivating environments where excellence in patient care is the priority. Partner with us to transform patient outcomes and set new standards in healthcare excellence.

For Pharmacy Owners

Optimize Your Pharmacy with Qualified Staff
Our rigorous screening process ensures you get the best fit for your needs, from short-term relief to long-term positions. Specialized in injection-certified, software proficient, and opioid-dispensing trained pharmacists.

For Pharmacists

Advance Your Pharmacy Career
We align your career aspirations with the right opportunities. Enjoy competitive wages, career advancement, and positions that resonate with your professional goals.

How it works

Sign Up

Pharmacies and pharmacists start by signing up on the Focuz Staffing platform, providing details about their needs, specialties, and qualifications. This initial step ensures a tailored approach to each match.


Our experts will match your requirements with the perfect candidates or opportunities.

Connect & Collaborate

Once a match is made, Focuz Staffing facilitates the connection between the pharmacy and the pharmacist. We provide support for interviews, contract negotiations, and integration, ensuring both parties are set up for success.

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Our mission

At Focuz Inc., we are dedicated to enhancing healthcare workplaces by connecting pharmacies and pharmacists through efficient, reliable staffing solutions that foster long-term success.